knitting needle case

you’ll have to cut me a break on the sheer shabbiness of this knitting needle case b/c

a) i didn’t refer to a pattern, and,
b) i committed to using recycled products in honor of the environmentally friendly recipient…


but it is a very special project for a few reasons…

a) the outside was my son’s favorite swaddling blanket (amy coe, anyone?)
b) the thread i used to hold it together was from my grandmother’s stash,


c) it is for my sweet sister who requested it.



Filed under sewing projects

2 responses to “knitting needle case

  1. brooke

    “c) it is for my sweet sister who requested it.” and LOVES it. it’s already more than half full, so if your moderately crafty sister gets any more knitteriffic, you’ll be making another! LOVE YOU. MEAN IT!

  2. frokenfrost

    I think it’s brilliant! As the true perfectionist I am, I hate keeping my knitting needles in a constant chaos called plastic bag… There’s a lot of them and you never find a specific pair without thorough search. So I’ll copy your idea and start the sewing machine as soon as possible.

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