after… my wasp bag!

the moment you’ve all been waiting for (i know your lives have literally stopped since wednesday in anticipation!)…



the original wasp bag pattern called for two straps, and i always try to make things my own, so i stuck with a single strap, and eliminated the inner pocket because it was sooo complicated.  i may add one in later if i find that i miss it.  i do love a good organized purse with lots of pockets, like my all-time fave vera bradley!   dscf3805.jpg



well, what do you think?  was it worth the wait?  it was definitely worth the work!!!  if you’ve made a bag from another free online tutorial & loved it, let me know because i’d love to try it!  xoxo



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4 responses to “after… my wasp bag!

  1. O…..M…..G…..!

    It’s GORGEOUS! Totally worth the trouble. One question: where’s my beautiful paisley fagric?

  2. jenny

    thanks for all the ideas on the headboard!! im def more motivated than ever 🙂 also, that bag is precious. def worth the work. ive been wanting to learn how to sew…baby steps, right? haha.

  3. brooke

    ok so wow? i love the pleat detail thing (is that a pleat? do i know something about sewery?). can’t wait to see it!

  4. Miranda

    Jessica, it’s gorgeous, and I have to make one for my very own!!! Where did you find the fabric?

    Your friend Jenny said something about a headboard. There are those paintable ceiling tiles you could glue to mdf or whatever scrap woodthat would be beautiful, although I don’t know what style headboard you want.

    Check this link:

    They come in all kinds of finishes; I think I’ve seen copper and other metallics. very cool, I think!

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