me and my little man

my bff took this snapshot of me and my sweet boy. isn’t she a genius?! i’m not this cute in real life… cooper is a handsome little devil though, don’tcha think???


i’ve been working on a tshirt quilt for a craft swap with erin. she’s making me a crocheted afghan and i can’t WAIT to see it. i’d love to show you a picture of the quilt, but that’d give away the surprise for her, so i’ll just show you this pretty pile of scraps.


i’ll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully will have a tutorial available for you once it’s done.

and since i know we all love inspiration, here’s one more little bit ‘o love for ya. it’s for a little boy named william, who loves worms, and when he was little he couldn’t say “william”, he said “worm”. so there’s the story behind this appliqued tshirt.


have a great day everyone!!!



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6 responses to “me and my little man

  1. OMG! I LOVE scraps! And I LOVE you!! We’re saving the first wear of the shirt for show and tell on Friday. This week is the letter “w.” How perfect is that??

  2. brooke

    the shirt turned out really cute. it would make me SO happy to have a pic of the kids together with their K & W shirts on!! (then add in the C and Z and i might just pee) loveski

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  4. loveski? is that how they say “love” in wisconsin???

  5. brooke

    no. in wisconsin, instead of “love”, they say “cheese”. for example:

    me: hey brett, i cheese you.
    b’favre: i cheese you, too. duh. let’s get married.

  6. Erin

    The photo is great, you are too that cute in person, well maybe cuter! And Cooper, he’s sooo handsome as usual! Keep up the good work, love the purses/diaper bags, etc! And I’m sure I’ll be needing some burp cloths eventually!! I’ll keep you in mind :o)

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