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rhoda, part deux

i’ve finally found the inspiration for another rhoda quilt block.  i’ve been wanting to try a hexagon quilt, possibly for cooper‘s next bed quilt, and found camille’s thimble blossoms site with super instructions.  as usual, i modified them – i did everything by machine, whereas she hand-sews everything (my own personal hell).  and aside from one little pucker, i’m pleased with the results.

here’s what i started with, before trimming it down to a 12″ square…

it pained me to cut off all the excess hexagons – not because it was so much work, but because you don’t get the full hexagon-beehive effect when it’s cut down to size…

the good news is, i don’t think this will be my last hexagon project.  i really liked the challenge!!!



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new home established

some friends of ours from church had us over to dinner in their gorgeous new home a few weeks ago, and around the time dessert was being served, we found out it was our gracious hostess’s birthday!!!  sneaky little april…  so during the following week, i came up with this idea for a belated birthday gift. i really hope that it’ll hold a special place, marking the start of many wonderful memories in their new home.

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logo embroidery now available

i’m so proud to offer logo embroidery for your company, club, church, or small business! your promotional polo shirts, golf towels, sweatshirts, aprons, tote bags and more, will look so professional with your custom logo as a working advertisement! i offer special discount pricing on bulk orders of 10 or more items, so contact me for a quote.

***bonus material: by the way, if you’re looking for a delicious, time-and-money-saving way to feed your family, look no further than Let’s Dish! they provide all the necessary ingredients & instructions for preparing restaraunt-quality meals in your own kitchen! check it out, and tell them i sent you!!!***

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to rhoda, with love

i have a dear sweet friend named rhoda who is a missionary in thailand.  she is beautiful, generous, and one of the top 10 funnest people i know.  inspired by my own personal rock stars, three friends and i are making her a friendship quilt.  we’re each creating four unique quilt blocks, putting them all together to make a quilt, and sending it to her with love.  so far i’ve made two of my four… (RHODA! COVER YOUR EYES!)

numero uno:

numero dos:

our deadline is in about a week, so i hope to post pics of my other blocks soon.  and if i’m lucky and the stars line up just right, i might have that tshirt quilt front done by the weekend… cross your fingers!!!!!!

xo, jess


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millie bug’s bloomers

here’s the prettiest 10 month old tushie you’ve ever seen… with a cute monogram on her panties…amelias-panties-monogrammed.jpg.

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