to rhoda, with love

i have a dear sweet friend named rhoda who is a missionary in thailand.  she is beautiful, generous, and one of the top 10 funnest people i know.  inspired by my own personal rock stars, three friends and i are making her a friendship quilt.  we’re each creating four unique quilt blocks, putting them all together to make a quilt, and sending it to her with love.  so far i’ve made two of my four… (RHODA! COVER YOUR EYES!)

numero uno:

numero dos:

our deadline is in about a week, so i hope to post pics of my other blocks soon.  and if i’m lucky and the stars line up just right, i might have that tshirt quilt front done by the weekend… cross your fingers!!!!!!

xo, jess



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2 responses to “to rhoda, with love

  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the house and LOVE the polka dots. I wonder if she’ll be able to pick out your squares….

  2. brooke

    kick a. how did you get all the talent and i got… whatever was left over (which seems to be just a reiteration of what you have too, minus the domesticity). i should have been born first.

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