rhoda, part deux

i’ve finally found the inspiration for another rhoda quilt block.  i’ve been wanting to try a hexagon quilt, possibly for cooper‘s next bed quilt, and found camille’s thimble blossoms site with super instructions.  as usual, i modified them – i did everything by machine, whereas she hand-sews everything (my own personal hell).  and aside from one little pucker, i’m pleased with the results.

here’s what i started with, before trimming it down to a 12″ square…

it pained me to cut off all the excess hexagons – not because it was so much work, but because you don’t get the full hexagon-beehive effect when it’s cut down to size…

the good news is, i don’t think this will be my last hexagon project.  i really liked the challenge!!!



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2 responses to “rhoda, part deux

  1. GASP!!!! IT’S GORGEOUS!!!! I guess I should start mine now….

  2. brooke

    dude – I was gonna say that! beautiful job, sister

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