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for women only…


this “emergency kit” is just for us girls…

see, i warned you, i know you don’t like this stuff – LOOK AWAY, DUDE!!!!

i’m just trying to make those little trips to the ladies’ room a little more discreet (and fashionable!!!)…

maybe i should embroider “DO NOT ENTER” on the outside!!!

*emergency kit available in a variety of color combos.  order now for xmas!*


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kindergarten’s gonna rock

my sweet kendall asked me to make her a new outfit for her first day of kindergarten.  how could i refuse?!?!  she helped pick out the fabric from my stash (a smidge of ginger blossom + a dash of anna griffin), and asked for a doggie on the shirt.  i used grand revival’s tutorial, and anna maria horner’s dog applique .  i also dressed up a pink headband with strips of fabric knotted around it.

and of course cooper wanted a matching doggie shirt… so i snatched the shirt he was wearing, took it upstairs, and made him one too… i’m sure he’ll wear it to his first day of preschool.

sha babies… school starts monday here, so GOOD LUCK to all you first time school mamas!  we’ll all be crying together!!!


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