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me and my little man

my bff took this snapshot of me and my sweet boy. isn’t she a genius?! i’m not this cute in real life… cooper is a handsome little devil though, don’tcha think???


i’ve been working on a tshirt quilt for a craft swap with erin. she’s making me a crocheted afghan and i can’t WAIT to see it. i’d love to show you a picture of the quilt, but that’d give away the surprise for her, so i’ll just show you this pretty pile of scraps.


i’ll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully will have a tutorial available for you once it’s done.

and since i know we all love inspiration, here’s one more little bit ‘o love for ya. it’s for a little boy named william, who loves worms, and when he was little he couldn’t say “william”, he said “worm”. so there’s the story behind this appliqued tshirt.


have a great day everyone!!!



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Business Card Case

Isn’t it nice to have cute things to hold your stuff in? What I mean is, I love to make fun things that make functional items more interesting. Like this business card case, for example:

I found the idea in Country Living Magazine and modified it a little to suit my needs. They suggest repurposing a vintage postcard, but since I didn’t have any of those lying around I just used a cute notecard I had received. Have fun making one of these as a gift card case or simple men’s wallet too!

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heart sachets

these heart sachets were totally quick, last minute gifts for a few friends.  they’re super simple with raw edges, contrast stitching, and are filled with dried lavender.  they each have a ribbon loop for hanging.  these may be a little too 1985 for some people, but they were cute enough when made out of pretty scrap fabric.dscf3678.jpg

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felt flower pins

i made these pins for quick valentine’s day gifts after being inspired by a great shop at i hope to post a tutorial in the sidebar soon.dscf3680.jpgdscf3679.jpg

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