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for women only…


this “emergency kit” is just for us girls…

see, i warned you, i know you don’t like this stuff – LOOK AWAY, DUDE!!!!

i’m just trying to make those little trips to the ladies’ room a little more discreet (and fashionable!!!)…

maybe i should embroider “DO NOT ENTER” on the outside!!!

*emergency kit available in a variety of color combos.  order now for xmas!*


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new home established

some friends of ours from church had us over to dinner in their gorgeous new home a few weeks ago, and around the time dessert was being served, we found out it was our gracious hostess’s birthday!!!  sneaky little april…  so during the following week, i came up with this idea for a belated birthday gift. i really hope that it’ll hold a special place, marking the start of many wonderful memories in their new home.

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